Children’s Portraits

A good children’s portrait session will have a combination of many of your child’s expressions and emotions.  While most of our children’s portraits will be looking for smiles & giggles...some will capture your child at play and some will capture their more serious side.

Clothing & props will help in achieving the type of portrait you are looking for.  Do not be embarrassed to bring more than what will be used for your sitting.  Clothing that your child will be most comfortable in, is certainly a plus.

You will get the most out of your sitting if you choose a good time of day for your child.  If your child is not feeling well on the morning of your sitting, don’t be afraid to call and re-schedule.  A sick child is seldom a good portrait subject.

Publicity Portraits

The intention of a good publicity portrait is to convey an image of “friendly Professionalism”. The portrait should have a pleasant expression but display self-confidence.

Dave will help you achieve this goal!  Do not be overly concerned about fine-tuning make-up & hair...we will be more than happy to retouch whatever needs adjusting.

Clothing should not distract from your face...Flourescent colors, large patterns and sleeveless tops are seldom good choices.

Family Portraits

Family Portraits are one of the most important parts of creating a recorded  legacy.  Wouldn’t you love to have had a  professional portrait taken with your parents or even grandparents?

While it is not an absolute necessity to coordinate clothes & colors perfectly, it certainly adds to the quality of the finished Family Portrait.  Choose formal or casual clothing but encourage all participants to match each other.  Clashing colors, large patterns or ill fitting clothing will be a distraction.

If young children are to be in the portrait, try to pick a time of day when they are not in need of a nap or feeding.  Choose comfortable clothing so they will be relaxed and happy.

Preparing for your portrait...